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When we work with data visualization in Qlik Sense, we work within a grid system.  Even though Qlik Sense gets some slack because it does not allow you the freedom to escape the grid, using a grid system a good practice to follow.  We should even apply the same practice when we design QlikView applications.

Web designers have used a grid system to design websites for quite some time.  It helps them to create better organized and more readable websites.  Websites based on a grid are also more responsive, or in other words they look as good in your laptop as they do in your mobile device.  You can find multiple blog posts and examples throughout the internet.  Even Qlik’s own website uses a grid system.

I’m currently writing a new book called Mastering QlikView Data Visualization, and in the process, I’ve been looking for ways to improve my own design skills.    As a result, I wanted to base the QlikView application I’m making for the book on a grid system.  We all have a 12-column grid background available to use in the QlikView Developer Toolkit (C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Developer Toolkit\guides & rulers), but we may also want the ability to create a custom grid system.

So, I was inspired by Barry Harmsen’s post, QlikView Macros are Bad, and I decided to write my first macro in five years that creates a custom grid system in QlikView.  As contradictory as this sounds, if you read Barry’s post, you’ll discover that using macros to automate QlikView development tasks is one of the few beneficial use case for macros.  Below is an example of how the my macro-generated grid system helped me organize a sample dashboard for the book.

I’ve made the QlikView application to a create custom grid system available for you to download for your own QlikView dashboards and views .  When you open the application all you have to do is fill in the following parameters that define your grid system and click Create Grid.  All the text objects that make the grid system are linked objects so you can easily delete the entire grid without having to delete each and every text object.

Download QlikView Grid System Tool

I hope you find this tool useful.  If you want to discover more QlikView tricks, Mastering QlikView Data Visualization will be available January 2016.

Best, Karl

Author: Karl Pover

Owner of Evolution Consulting, which provides Qlik consulting services throughout Mexico. Author of "Learning QlikView Data Visualization" and "Mastering QlikView Data Visualization." Qlik Luminary since 2014.

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  1. Karl, would it be possible to post the script and other required information so we can recreate the QV Grid System Tool in our own QV PE? Thanks in advance!

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