Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to all those who responded to my post in QlikCommunity and in this blog about what data visualization they would like to see in QlikView.  I learned a few things about what people would love to do in QlikView.  Most visualizations that were posted are possible to create in QlikView, but what frustrates many users seems to be the difficulty creating these visualizations through tricks, extensions or third-parties.

I think we can expect great advances in data visualization in QlikView after the company bought NComVA, a company dedicated to data visualization.  Along with QlikView’s continuous improvements, I believe it is important to continue creating new and improving existing extensions.  There is always going to be a visualization that QlikView cannot create out-of-box, and that’s why extensions are such a key element.

So, enough talking.  The winners of the three Learning QlikView Data Visualization e-books are:

  • Philipe Grenier
  • Rebeca Gums
  • Sokkorn Cheav

If you are a winner please send me a message in QlikCommunity with your e-mail address so that I can send you your e-book.

Thanks again for all those who participated.

Hope to see you around,


Author: Karl Pover

Owner of Evolution Consulting, which provides Qlik consulting services throughout Mexico. Author of "Learning QlikView Data Visualization" and "Mastering QlikView Data Visualization." Qlik Luminary since 2014.

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