Learning QlikView Data Visualization – Expected this week!

After various QlikView books intended for QlikView developers, I’ve recently written a book that is aimed to help all those business users that suffer middle children syndrome.  In almost every one of my customers, I’ve worked with a group of QlikView users that don’t want the responsabiity to write the scripts that extract and manipulate data, but aren’t spoiled enough to have each chart they need created instantly by a team of developers.  Instead, they use existing data models to create their own analysis at the pace of changing business needs.


Learning QlikView Data Visualization comes out this week and is intended to help this group of users.

Back In March, Packt Publishing offered me the challenge to teach readers in a little over a hundred pages the basics of QlikView data visualization.  The result is a fast-paced, no-nonsense book that explains by example.  Rather than focus on each chart type and checkbox available in QlikView, I focus on how to best implement a set of common analytical techniques in QlikView.

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